Past Events

  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with Ringling Brother Circus
  • Travel Channel: This Jobs a Trip (Circus Clown) 2006
  • Morning News Channel 4 (San Diego) with Cirque de la Mer at Sea World
  • Shanghai News (China) for the KimTom International Clown Festival
  • Various local newspapers while on tour
  • Girls Next Door: The Girls visit the Circus

Online Articles:

Here’s what others are saying …

team sprite

  • “Jessi is serious about having fun and can find fun in any serious work, this makers her a great performer and entertainer!” – Duo Joys, Hand Balancing Adagio
  • “A fearless and funny clown. She is always refining, always taking risks.” – Elena Day, original “Green Bird”, Cirque du Soleil’s “La Nouba”
  • “Wow! What a sweet and wonderful clown! Righteously talented and funny! Skilled and cute! a dynamite combination!” – Brian McNelis, Producer Tomfoolery’s “Cirque Voila!”
  • “Oh that laugh!” “A living, breathing, cartoon character” – Harmony French, Pop Circus Japan
  • “You are the best sprite we’ve had and we’ve been watching the show for 7 years. Thank you!” – Audience member Sea World, Ca
  • Jessi is a high energy ball of enthusiasm and humor. She is personable, dedicated and works very well with others. She would be a valuable addition to any clown troupe, theme park, traveling show, burlesque troupe, sideshow, sociological study, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, or presidential ticket. – Silas, owner Planet Chai
  • “Jessi is as funny as she is posed. She somehow comes out looking great … despite the predicaments she finds herself in.” – Tricia Riel, Humboldt Circus
  • Not only are you an extremely clever clown, but your approach to your art is both deft and delightful. You are consciously aware of the response of your audience and at the same time you’re aware of the anxiety level of your audience participants: striking this balance is a marvelous accomplishment. Your approach is also thoughtful and genuinely kind. You bring an admirable level of intelligence to your craft while your own nimble elfish spirit literally shines through. People love you for the joy you bring, and they’ll remember you for a long long time. You are simply and truly quite wonderfool! MANY THANKS – Madame Newton SRHS